Monstera Albo Borsigiana (D5)


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A variegated monstera albo borsigiana in a 4-inch pot.

This variety of monstera has been gaining more and more popularity on the internet, making it quite hard to come across established plants! The white variegation of the albo monstera can be prone to browning if not under the right levels of humidity. We highly recommend using a humidifier where you will be displaying this plant.

Please keep in mind that leaf browning, especially with variegated plants, is very common in the shipping process. We do our best to ensure that our plants arrive safely.

Maybe the most popular plant in the houseplant community is the Monstera Albo Borsigiana. This plant requires a little more advanced care since it needs stable humidity to prevent its variegation from getting brown and crispy. Albos are also prone to reversion, meaning it can completely lose its variegation, or become so highly variegated that it doesn’t survive. The best way to combat this is to trim it back when it gets out of balance.

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