Who we are, what we do, and where we are.

Hi! We are Dee and Joe Lutz. We love growing and taking care of plants.

My husband Joe is very passionate about the art of Bonsai – training, potting, and growing a collection of evergreen and tropical trees.

My interest revolves around Philodendrons. I love caring for them, propagating them, and sharing them with others. There’s something about plants that seems so right. I admire that you can’t make them grow any faster; and that they need just the right balance of elements to thrive.

We wanted to create our own virtual plant shop based out of our home. With the growing popularity of the “houseplant craze,” we noticed it was getting harder and harder to find quality plants. We want to make ourselves available to share the proper care information about our plants to help you keep them thriving.

We have an indoor and outdoor greenhouse here in Sewell, NJ.