We package every plant with care.

Our Procedures

We want our plants to arrive to you safely. We highly recommend Priority or Overnight shipping for any costly plant purchases. We package every plant with care, and only ship at the beginning of the week to ensure it doesn’t sit at the post office over the weekend.

Shipping Damage

If a plant is damaged during transit, please contact us and we can file a claim with UPS. We insure all of our shipments for the full amount of purchase. When you receive your plant, you must open the box immediately, it cannot sit outside for an extended period of time.

We do our best to guarantee that your plant arrives alive. But damage during transit does happen. The bruising of leaves and the bending of stems is something that is sometimes unavoidable with shipping. Please be aware of this risk before placing your order.


Plants must be returned to us for a refund to be processed. Please contact us immediately upon receiving and opening your shipment.

Upon Arrival

Plants experience stress during shipping. It is important to let your newly delivered plant to acclimate before repotting it or disturbing the roots.